Asphyxia Killed Four Year Old in Kolkata Says Autopsy Report

Asphyxia Killed Four Year Old in Kolkata Says Autopsy Report


Asphyxia Killed Four Year Old in Kolkata Says Autopsy Report: Earlier in January, there was a case which was registered against AMRI hospitals pointing out that their negligence has taken the life of a four-year-old kid, Oyetri. The kid passed away on January 17 leading to allegations of medical negligence, died due to the effects of asphyxia, according to the postmortem report revealed yesterday.

Asphyxia Killed Four Year Old in Kolkata Says Autopsy Report

According to TOI, The report, released on Friday, also mentioned ‘petechial haemorrhagic spots of variable sizes in the lungs and the left surface of the heart’. While Oyetri’s family claimed that the report proved medical negli-gence, some experts pointed out the child might have choked due to lack of oxygen and not due to wrong medication.

Oyetri’s mother had alleged that her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter did not receive oxygen or even cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) when she started convulsing after the injection. “Death was due to the effects of asphyxia…. ante mortem in nature,” the post-mortem report states under the head “Opinion of the medical officer as to the cause of death”.

The girl had been admitted to the hospital with acute bronchitis on January 15. She was recovering and her doctor had said she would be discharged the same week. The first hearing of the case took place at West Bengal Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission office on Friday. The panel asked AMRI and the complainants to file affidavits by Wednesday, when the next hearing takes place.

The hospital had cited “cardiac arrest” as the cause of death, saying it suspected the toddler had an underlying heart ailment. Forensic medicine experts said asphyxia is caused by an obstruction in the air pipe. The girl had convulsed moments before she died, suggesting asphyxia.

“Convulsion happens in the last stage when someone chokes. At this point, CPR should be started immediately along with putting the patient in life support system,” said a neonatologist attached to a children’s hospital. Doctors said even after the lungs stop functioning, there is a window of eight to nine minutes when CPR can be started to revive a patient.

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