Ram Gopal Varma Files Criminal Charges on tv9 News Channel

RGV Files Criminal Charges on TV9!


Ram Gopal Varma Files Criminal Charges on tv9 News Channel, However Sensational director RGV is known as the King of controversies. Since few days a friction has been proceeding between Ram Gopal Varma and famous news channel TV9. The Filmmaker participated in a TV Debate organized by the media house inside hours subsequent to going to the CCS interrogation with respect to the case filed against him by Social Activist Devi. It was then RGV challenged TV9 Rajinikanth to run a poll to find out who among them are more honest. Though, The TV Presenter didn’t show much interest in doing so. Then, Varma asked Rajinikanth to run a poll in any event on their web-based social networking handles and the Journo consented to do as such.

Ram Gopal Varma Files Criminal Charges on tv9 News Channel

He added, “For all those false news circulating that I have denied making #GodSexTruth, its only a production and technical process that I was detailing.. How can I deny when I am credited in the film? “.

On his Twitter page, RGV set the survey – ‘Who is all the more extremely genuine?’. While 85 percent favored Varma, 15 percent came in support of Rajinikanth.

Ramu didn’t stop there, He claimed to chill on the 27th floor terrace in Mumbai while watching nuesencically non sensical reports of TV9. He wouldn’t fret saying TV9 should be renamed as TV9 Circus Jokers.

Today, RGV said he is documenting various criminal cases against TV9 for alleged distortion of actualities and spreading noxious news. He terms the news breaks of TV9 from a ongoing investigation as a crime and cautions it will be dealt to the rules that everyone must follow.

Let us wait and watch how this case proceeds and how Rajinikanth, Executive Editor of TV9 would react to this!

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